5 Reasons to Travel

Ha Giang Province, Northern Vietnam
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

“He who does not travel does not know the value of men.” –Moorish proverb

What does travel mean from a psychological point of view? What is it capable of giving you? What can you achieve or change in your life, if you were to “dive” skilfully into new cultures and countries?
My short answer to you: Everything! Everything good and positive, just as you desire. I invite you to take a closer look.

We usually tremble with hopes and wishes as we pack our luggage, about to go on a journey. Looking forward to new and amazing experiences, something that we don’t know yet.
The fact is: if you do it right, your journeys can solve lots of your existing problems and help you find the answers to the long standing questions. Here is Katya’s 5 reasons for travel:

Reason #1 – Get away from the everyday routine and problems 

When you change your environment and go on a journey, you feel like a free and alive person again, ready to intake and digest. Even the simplest of travels – sunbathing under the palm trees or trekking along the river is capable of bringing you peace and quiet. Capable of recharging you, as you forget about your everyday worries.

Reason #2 – Become more knowledgeable

It may sound a bit trivial. Nevertheless, this is so important: to keep growing and not to stop on what is already achieved. When you learn about new amazing cultures and traditions, when you see places, you become wiser and people just draw to you and your knowledge.

Reason #3 – Solving your problems

Does it sound familiar to you when you just lay there, unable to sleep, trying to fund solutions for your everlasting problems? No decisions come to mind. You wake up (or get up) exhausted. It feels as though life has just stalled.
By changing your scenery, you inevitably become re-charged and transformed. The trick is to take it seriously, and not to get into the usual habits of grabbing onto your cell-phone or laptop.

Reason #4 – When in Crisis - Reload

Here is a story of one of our clients.

“That’s it, it’s a total crisis. I am constantly angry with everything and everyone around me. But I think I am just angry and unsatisfied with myself and my goals, most of all. Business is not going anywhere. No, not the money flow. It’s all fine there. But where am I going with my strategy, my plans? My constant dissatisfaction with my life and with myself just doesn’t let me go forward, overcome my competition. What’s next? What if you don’t have a Dream anymore?”

What to do? Sometimes the solution can be simpler than you think. Get out of your comfort zone, get a shock. Forget about the ‘poor me’ and ‘no one understands me’ see the people around you. Does someone need more help and attention than you?

This particular client has departed on the travel training called “The Point of No Return”, which consists of such stages as: Formation – Obstacles to Change – Making Choices – and Positive Change. (Why this name? “The point of no return is the point beyond which one must continue on his or her current course of action because turning back is physically impossible, prohibitively expensive or dangerous” source Wikipedia), along with a group of like-minded people who were guided by one famous psychologist with 20 years of experience, Viktoriya Varlamova.

The journey took its place around the Northern part of Vietnam: rich traditions, pristine ethnic minority communes and the most amazing scenery.

The plan was as follows:
2 days for the arrival and look around, combined with the pre-training programme.

4 days in the Province of Ha Giang, in the house of a local farmer (house on stilts, surrounded rice fields and orchards). This is not a touristy place, hence still very authentic, clean and untouched. During the day, our client was helping the underprivileged children, planting trees and helping the local community, as he could. At nights, powerful sessions with the psychologist-trainer, as part of a group. Working on the Point of No Return.

3 days on a beach upon return back to civilization – Reflection. Culmination and the conclusion of the powerful experience and training. Looking back at what sort of person you used to be, habits and tendencies, as well as combining it with the newly acquired knowledge. Building the strategy for the Future.

Want to know the result for that businessman?
He spent 4 days in far away places where tourists don’t go and where he was REAL and where his emotions were RAW. Where he had time to re-think his everyday actions and behaviours. Where he cleansed his mind and soul. He came back re-freshed and re-charged, ready to jump into new adventures, bubbling with a positive drive!

Reason #5 – Re-instating positivity and progress

Travel is the time where you plan your own time and affairs. As it suits you.
It is an emotional re-charge which reactivates the thinking processes in your mind and stimulates your nervous system. The positive emotions find new life whilst the negative ones die off, gradually. No doubt, that after an amazing travel, when you come back home, you will feel that you can react to various situations in life more adequately and make decisions in a wiser and more mature way.

Time to plan your new adventures and travels. Time to pack your luggage and to hunt out new ideas and trends, which will, without a doubt, widen your horizons and give you an amazing new drive in life.
Time to open yourself up to new perspectives and possibilities, to become more skilful at decision-making and grow stronger and wiser.

Our next 2 groups depart on the life-changing training tours:

15 December 2014 - 10 days New Zealand, South Island Adventure - Reloading Happiness and Motivation
4 February 2015 - 8 days Singapore and Pulau Ubin - Reloading Happiness and Motivation

To enquire and book your space now contact Katya on skype: Kalexeichik or email: bookings@nonpareiltravel.com