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From Travel and Training to Wealth Management

Asset protection, international business structures, trusts and foundations - funnily enough I was only 16 when I stepped into this industry. Well, I was just a little secretary helper back then, translating serious business agreement for the big players of the Offshore world in 1990s.

As I was growing up, I changed my profession to Travel Designer and for many years I've been managing absolutely amazing travels of the HNWIs: Kilimanjaro, South Pole, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Asia... That was a very exciting and creative part of my life. I was lucky to have seen a lot of beautiful places!
As part of my hobby, I also learnt life coaching and business training.  I'm glad that I did as it certainly gave a real good understanding of life, communication between people and deeper feelings.

Since the collapse of the majority of luxury travel to New Zealand, I've stepped back into asset protection and wealth management business - after all, I've been doing it for so many years. I just never thought I would love it. Somehow a miracle happened and just got into the zest of it: I love what I do now. I am passionate about helping people to preserve their hard earned money and to streamline their businesses.

But since my Blog is about Life Science, you would see a lot of interesting mixture of stuff on these pages. Mixture because our lives are a mixture of everything:
Love -- Happiness -- Work -- Families -- Tears -- Worries -- Travel -- Cooking = LIFE
Katya French

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