Dream, believe, dare, do!

Don’t be afraid to Dream BIG!

Why? – you might ask. They teach us from the very beginning that we must have very achievable goals. Not too big, so we can chew them. So we don’t feel as non-achievers.

But if you are not dreaming BIG, you are playing small! Who said that your dream is too big? 
I am guessing, your answer could be: Well, actually, a lot of people: my boss, my mother, my partner, and society told me to get real. They think that I am being unrealistic…. Aiming for the impossible.

Now let me ask you a question: Why do you let other people to decide what’s best for you and why do you allow them to limit you in your aspirations? They have their reasons and explanations for why you might not succeed, but do they know you better than you know yourself?

There are plenty of examples, amazing individuals in the past and in our days who come up with seemingly ridiculous ideas and goals. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Walter Disney

"Dream, believe, dare, do." said Walt Disney.

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!” said Henry Ford.

We all suffer from a Selective Vision process.

What do you choose to see in your life:
1)excuses why this or that is not possible? OR
2)new opportunities and possibilities?

In the first case, all you need to do is just to find a good enough excuse:
“It’s too late for me to change my life around”
“I don’t have money/time/connections for developing my business”
“I don’t have appropriate education to find a job…” , and so on.

In the second case – case of the winners – all you need to do is ask 2 questions: HOW? And WHAT?

How can I achieve what I want?
What do I need to do to achieve it?

What do I need to learn? What one thing that I can do today to get closer to my Dream?

When you fill your ideas and aspirations with excuses and reasonable or not so reasonable explanations why it won’t work out – well, you simply stopping the oxygen supply. Your dreams suffocate and die.

When you fill your ideas and aspirations with virtue of possibilities and ways to achieve it, you releasing your natural potential for something BIG, GRANDEUR.

The world is divided:
Happy and unhappy
Rich and poor
Winners and losers
Creators and destroyers
Healthy and sick

Ask yourself a question: on which side do you want to be? On the side of the light, happiness, success and laughter OR on the side of the darkness, tears, failure and pain?
Who do you want to be: a winner or a loser?

What do you want to notice in your life? How people don’t like you enough, how things don’t work out the way you planned? How many problems you currently experiencing?

OR do you want to create your own strong life, even if you are anxious, even if you unsure how it will all go, even you don’t get enough “approval” from people around you.

You are in charge. You are the creator of your own luck and fortune. You know where you want to be. Regardless of your physical condition and circumstances that surround your life.

Think BIG
Dream BIG
Believe in BIG,

And the results will be BIG!