Koru, meaning new beginnings and constant development in life

On the pages of my Blog you will find my thoughts. My thoughts about life and thoughts about business. One can hardly go without another, I believe, hence is the mixture of articles.

I invite you to join me in going through life-changing experiences. I love life: there's so much to it! 

Here you will find a lot of inspirational articles and ideas that will inevitably motivate you.

Work, Love, Cook, Travel, Design Your Life - whatever you do, just don't be inactive! Being inert kills everything... So live, create your life and BE HAPPY!

Often, this is done through personal development.

Personal development means to learn and apply special principles in life that will help you to attain emotional wellbeing, understanding and effectiveness in your everyday life. Simply said: to find and create that special balance that will allow you to be happy more often.

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