Some interesting things I've learnt in life

We find out new things every day. 

Sometimes you hear a phrase that is being repeated here and there throughout life. But it is only when you finally give it conscious thought, it starts to make sense, not just sound.

Here some ordinary thoughts that help me throughout each day:

1.    HAPPY. Even if you are not a naturally happy person, you can teach yourself to be happy. As long as you understand the principles that stand behind it.

2. I CAN TRAIN MYSELF. You can teach yourself pretty much everything: to be a charismatic person, be a people’s person, be disciplined etc. Just be sure you know what stands behind its meaning, and then fake it until you make it.

3. DON’T GIVE UP. You can change your life by being persistent and not giving up. Primitive but true!

4. GET UP AND DO THINGS. Most of the time, all it takes is getting your butt off that chair (couch, bed etc) and getting yourself OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Only that brings results.

5. I AM IN CONTROL. When you want something just act: pick up the phone, email, skype: write/call people, organize them around what you want and what you might need.

6. COLD HEARTED. Sometimes in business, well, in fact most of the time, it pays to be emotion-less: leave behind what you really want to say and just lay out the facts, bare facts, no emotions behind

7. GET THE FACTS RIGHT. It is good to disagree, but make sure you’ve got your facts and argument right

8. SHUT UP. A good marketing slogan: ‘Sometimes it’s better to chew than to talk’. Just shut up and let the other person vent! Stay in a safe position by not saying much where it is not needed or where your words can lead you into a further argument. And that takes me to another rule I have learnt recently.

9. GO QUIET. Stop replying to your enemy. You might disagree tremendously with what he/she says about you, but if you don’t come back with anything, your ‘enemy’ will be hung in the torturous mystery of the unresolved matter. They will be robbed of the "privilege" of knowing what's on your heart.

10. THERE ARE SOME CRAZY PEOPLE AROUND. There will always be someone who will criticize you and dislike what you do. Even if you are near perfect. Allow it, dismiss it from your life and carry on, your way. Don’t let anyone to upset you and don't let your self-respect drop.

11. MY 5-YEAR-OLD SON TAUGHT ME. People with true high self esteem are successful and loved by everybody: they don’t try to explain themselves, they don’t give excuses, they apologize with simplicity and sincerity. They win.

12. DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING! From the early years I hated discipline! My granddad talked about discipline every day. I thought he is just old and funny, talking about the same thing all the time. Now I understand that discipline is everything: it is your health, your ability to lead a happy life, your ability to learn and to progress, to influence others, and it is your passport to a better quality life!

13. THINGS WILL BE BETTER TOMORROW. The lucky 13th thought. Sometimes it feels like there is no tomorrow. Feeling down and it is hard to believe things might ever change for the better. I go to sleep early-ish and with the belief that tomorrow will bring me new feelings and experiences. Low feelings can’t stay forever. So back to point 1 of this list, with great hopes and belief! Don't give up, be in control, contain yourself, discipline yourself))